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Live Christmas Tree Hire

£1 per cover


Why not hire a Christmas tree this year instead of buying a cut tree, which will only end up in landfill? 


By hiring a live Christmas tree you will ensure that these trees continue to clean the air around us and trap carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for many years to come. Live Christmas trees are also safer to have in your home, they don't drop as many needles and also have a reduced fire risk as the do not dry out like a traditional cut tree.


We hire trees for your home or for your business, you just need to tell us what size you'd like. The size is of the tree and does not include the pot, our standard sizes are;

  • 4ft (125/150 cm)

  • 5ft (150/172 cm)

  • 6ft (175+ cm)


If you want a different size just let us know and we will see if we can get it for you. Each of the trees comes in its own pot and you just need to keep it watered over the festive period. 

All the trees we hire are Nordman Fir, non drop. 


We will deliver your tree on your chosen date and then come and collect when you're ready to pack the decorations away.


Email us to book your tree for a greener and more sustainable Christmas.


The cost to hire a tree is a one off charge based on the size of your tree;

  • 4ft - £45 to hire, (£22.50 damage deposit)

  • 5ft - £55 to hire, (£27.50 damage deposit)

  • 6ft - £65 to hire, (£32.50 damage deposit)

A damage deposit of 50% of the hire fee will be added to the hire charge. This covers any damage to the tree whilst in your care. Once the healthy tree is back with us the deposit will be refunded within 14 days.

Delivery and collection is free within a 10 mile radius of Crewkerne. Any further then a small travel fee will be added to the cost of hire. This is worked out at 45p per mile each way. So delivery to Sherborne would cost roughly £10.00

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