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 Christmas Tree Care


Like all house plants your tree will need water. Do not over water it but keep the soil moist and do not let the soil dry out. It will depend on how hot your house is and where the tree is positioned as to how much it needs.  


To avoid heat shock we recommend placing your tree into a shed or garage for a few days. This will help the tree to adjust to warmer temperatures. Moving from a very cold environment to a warm, centrally heated house immediately can cause permanent damage to the tree.



Don't cook your tree, even after the tree has acclimatised to a warmer home environment it should certainly not be placed in front of open fires or radiators as they will cause the tree to dry out quickly. This will result in needle dropping and potential death of the tree.


We think our trees are perfect just the way they are and we  hop you will to. Please do not cut or trim your tree if you feel there is a branch you're not keen on or is in the wrong place as this will mean we cannot refund your deposit.


Trees can be claustrophobic. Make sure you give them enough space to spread their branches. The tree measurements we provide are from the top of the pot to the tip of the tree, so make sure you check the height of your room and don't forget to allow space for your fairy or star on top!

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